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Activator I - Activator Gun

Chiropractic Activator Gun - Activator I

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The original Activator gun. Research-supported high-speed, low force treatment for all areas of the spine, including extremities. Adjustable excursion for unsurpassed precision and control. A gentle and comfortable adjustment

Chiropractic Activator Gun

The Activator® adjusting gun is a hand-held device which can produce adjusting force. The original research-supported high-speed low force activator gun for all areas of the spine, including the extremities. Backed by over 30 years of Activator® Methods research.
Four Activator® adjusting guns were used to introduce a force into a measuring system. Surprisingly, the force decreased linearly after two or three revolutions of the adjustment knob. The adjustment knob allows greater anvil movement when the Activator adjusting gun produces a force. A model based on the physical mechanics of the Activator® adjusting gun was able to explain 88 percent of the force variation. The fixed energy of the Activator® adjusting gun lead us to the hypothesis that significant movement of bone may not be necessary for the healing process to take place.

All Activator® Guns have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.